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SoulTree is the result of a journey that began in 2002. A journey deep into the heart of the Himalayas where communities were discovered still living in communion with nature using its goodness and giving back to it in equal measure.

This harmonious give and take had an honesty which the founders of SoulTree had never quite found in Cities. Every search by them to find authentic natural products which did good for us all, ended in futility. Products that truly benefited people, as well as the environment, were scarce, and the few which promised this benefit didn’t really deliver the goods.

SoulTree hopes to change all this. Everything they do – from ensuring that no plant is ever plucked clean of flowers or fruits, to insisting that farms have organic certifications before sourcing ingredients from them and banishing harmful chemicals from their products – is built on respect for nature and for people. On this you have their word as well as product and ingredient certifications from regulatory authorities painstakingly earned over the years.

SoulTree’s promise is to bring you nature’s goodness with honesty and responsibility. So when you pick up a SoulTree product, you buy into a guarantee that few offer today.

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