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Most sanitary products are not made of cotton. Many well-known brands are made of mostly synthetics, like rayon and SAPs, which stands for Super Absorbent Powders. While doing their job to absorb better, SAPs are made from polymers that are derived from crude oil. They also contain wood pulp.

Many well-known brands are made with material that is bleached with chlorine. Chlorine bleaching leaves a by-product: dioxin. So women may be exposed to small but detectable levels of this known toxin whenever they use pads and tampons that are chlorine bleached.

Unlike most feminine care brands, Organ(y)c contains no synthetics, no SAPs and no wood pulp. For good hygiene, we bleach only in hydrogen peroxide, a naturally occurring disinfectant. Organ(y)c is made with organic cotton and recyclable cardboard.

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials with the purpose of reducing the impact on the environment. And preserving the natural equilibrium between the many components of the ecosystem. Organic agriculture endeavours to work in harmony with nature, producing healthy plants for healthy people.

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