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Lavera Basis Sensitive

Lavera Basis Sensitive

For over 25 years Lavera has been been selling natural skincare and cosmetics. The name Lavera was carefully chosen for its meaning: in Latin Lavera means ‘The Truth’, a translation which is a dedication to the brands philosophy and commitment.

Lavera is an award winning range of 100% natural and organic skin care and cosmetics formulated for sensitive and delicate skin. Lavera products will give you;

100% certified natural cosmetics with natural plant ingredients and organic plant extracts or organic oils.

100% developed and manufactured by one source in Germany.

100% natural fragrances and aromas. 100% free of synthetic preservatives and parabens.

100% skin mild emulsifiers and plant-based tensides. 100% free of silicone, paraffin and mineral oil.

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