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The owners of Khadi spent many years in India learning about Ayurvedic principals. They then merged this most ancient knowledge of herbs and oils with their knowledge of skin and hair care to create the Khadi range of products.

Khadi products are based on the principals of the most ancient teachings of Ayurveda which treats well-being and health as an interlocking whole of mind, body and soul.

Thousands of years ago India’s great sages compiled together hundreds of herbs, combining them with oil to heal and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. All Khadi products reflect this sentiment of going back to a heritage and tradition which is pure, handmade and incorporates the best from the most ancient principals in the world.

The recipes and formulas for the Khadi products are prepared in India and their unique compositions provide exceptional high quality, effective hair and body care products.

To create such effective products Khadi will only use ingredients (eg Lawson Inermis and Indigofera Tinctora) from the best growing areas in India. Ingredients are then harvested at selected times and are processed immediately after harvesting to ensure that the active plant ingredients do not deteriorate. Crucially in the Herbal hair colours, the ingredients are also finely ground as this ensures eve coverage and vibrant colour. The herbal ingredients are, where available, from organic agriculture.

It is Khadi’s policy to create rural employment without harming nature, while also ensuring that any herbs used in the formulations are collected in the most traditional way by local inhabitants.

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