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Fair Squared

FAIR SQUARED is an alternative trading organisation with the ambition to reduce the imbalance in the world market. Their company idea comes from the 2005 Oxfam Campaign “Make Poverty History”. In 2010 the first FAIR SQUARED products launched in England over Oxfam and Amnesty International. The idea was received by students in the UK and they continued to spread their products in England.

The first products included condoms, hand creams, and lip balms. The demand grew quickly and other business partners started offering FAIR SQUARED products in Scandinavia and Benelux. The company moved in 2013 to Cologne, Germany and continued running the business as FAIR SQUARED GmbH and transferred the production to the German part of the national park Eifel, as well as to Sarstedt, close to Hannover.

The range grew from 12 to 80 articles. Thanks to the continuous request for products from their customers they were we able to gain even more partners providing them with fairly traded ingredients (olive oil from Palestine, almond oil from Pakistan, shea butter from Burkina Faso and natural rubber from India).

Today FAIR SQUARED have 15 partners from all over the world and their products are being sold in all of Europe.

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